Internet retardation – Asking for Chrom in Smash Bros.

Chrom is a lazily written character from a mediocre Fire Emblem game, so why would anybody ask for the game’s prince to be in Smash Bros.? Continue reading


Final Fantasy 6 being a “masterpiece of storytelling” is pure bullshit, let alone it being one of the best games ever made

If you see any reviews of Final Fantasy 6, you’ll find nothing but perfect scores. If you see almost any list of best SNES games, you’ll see Final Fantasy 6 placed very high; if not at the top, always with some garbage like: “a story that resonates with us to this day”, “a masterpiece of storytelling” and even “one of the best games ever made”. All alluding to the fact that FF6’s story is deep, fleshed out, engaging and entertaining. Which is totally not. Continue reading

Spreadsheet of most Japanese verbs (785) and also adjectives and nouns

Here is a list of most Japanese verbs with kanji, romanization, hiragana reading, translation, transitivity and verb class (I classified all irregular verbs as class 3).

Here is a list of 578 adjectives:

And some nouns because why not?

Internet Retardation – Civil Engineer Can’t Believe People Use Bikes in Costa Rica

While searching for news related to the Costa Rican embassy in Japan, I naturally find a “news” post titled: “In Playa Del Coco, Costa Rica, riding a bike is a way of life” by Veronica Davis, who is supposedly a Civil Engineer and gives talks and shit.

She probably didn’t expect that an English speaking Costa Rican would come across her bullshit and make fun of her for being so out of touch with everything, but alas, here I am. Let’s jump right in. Continue reading

Thought Catalog Garbage – “How to Be a Woman” (Don’t Prosecute Rapists)

Yo what it do peeps, it’s yo boi Papa John here back at it again with another Let’s Play.

Today’s retarded article comes from some feminist scumbag who refers to herself as “Taylor Steele” the film director:

Pretentious, close-minded, female supremacist, paranoid… all you’d expect from a person who dares write something as stupid as: “How To Be a Woman”, let alone have it published by the pestilent Thought Catalog.
Continue reading