Top 69 anime series – 2018

  • Tanacon
  • Airplane instruction videos from the 80’s
  • Deleted Jontron “Where have I been the last 2 years?” update videos
  •’s tech products
  • Team Fortress 1
  • Smosh in 2011 before they sold out or whatever the fuck happened to them
  • Spongebob
  • Lil dicky
  • Space Jam
  • Barbara blade
  • Spirit of the Law

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Final Fantasy 6 being a “masterpiece of storytelling” is pure bullshit, let alone it being one of the best games ever made

If you see any reviews of Final Fantasy 6, you’ll find nothing but perfect scores. If you see almost any list of best SNES games, you’ll see Final Fantasy 6 placed very high; if not at the top, always with some garbage like: “a story that resonates with us to this day”, “a masterpiece of storytelling” and even “one of the best games ever made”. All alluding to the fact that FF6’s story is deep, fleshed out, engaging and entertaining. Which is totally not. Continue reading

Spreadsheet of most Japanese verbs (785) and also adjectives and nouns

Here is a list of most Japanese verbs with kanji, romanization, hiragana reading, translation, transitivity and verb class (I classified all irregular verbs as class 3).

Here is a list of 578 adjectives:

And some nouns because why not?